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CA rolls out digital mail tracking tool

Pressure for faster delivery of mail and parcels is set to pile up on courier firms as communications regulator rolls out an automated mail measurement tool. The new system requires courier operators to install digital equipment that tracks how long they take to deliver mails and parcels to different destinations.

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) said the new system sourced from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to automatically read stamp movement and monitor delivery time of parcels.

It would effectively force players in the market to do away with current manual process that is heavily reliant on use of bar codes to scan stamps on letters. “The current manual process is unreliable because of inaccuracies and susceptibility to impact of weather patterns — bar codes are unable to read special codes when letters are rained on,” said CA Director General, Francis Wangusi.

CA would monitor performance of service providers through UPU systems, to enable it formulate regulations for e-commerce. Customers will now know the exact date for delivery of their mails and are bound to demand for better quality services under the new regime.

The authority said it intends to compel private courier firms to install the new system in the next financial year starting on June 2017. “In order to be sure there is uniform kind of quality in delivery of mails and parcels in the country, we want to expand it to other courier operators possibly not this year,” said Wangusi.

UPU Director General, Bishar Hussein said Postal Corporation must embrace the new reforms to meet changing customer needs-delivery on time and the right place. Communication permanent secretary, Victor Kyalo said technology has opened up opportunities for Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK). PCK Postmaster General, Enock Kinara said the new technology would help it improve service delivery in remote areas.

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