Kenya Airways suspends staff named in probe

Kenya Airways yesterday announced that it had suspended staff following preliminary findings of a forensic audit on the operations of the airline.

The airline did not immediately give the names of the staff or their departments but said that the action was intended to help Deloitte Consulting, which is conducting the forensic audit complete the investigations.

“The forensic audit is paying dividends. Based on the preliminary results of the forensic investigations, the company has identified system and internal control weaknesses and continues to implement far-reaching remedial actions. It has also commenced disciplinary proceedings against staff found culpable.

These actions include the suspension of staff members in order to facilitate the successful completion of the forensic investigations. The company is also evaluating the findings with a view to further action against culpable staff, including potential criminal prosecution and recovery proceedings, as appropriate,” said Kenya Airways in a statement.

The audit was commissioned in February after an public outcry that greeted the company’s results which showed that the airline returned a Sh26 billion in full year loss.

“The objective of the forensic investigation is to review the operations, systems and internal controls of the airline, initially over the last five years, with a view to identifying the sources and magnitude of revenue losses and cash flow leakages, evaluating value for money in capital and other expenditures, and reviewing related areas of governance weakness,” said the airline’s statement yesterday.

The airline expects that the forensic audit will stop any revenue and cash flow hemorrhage and help the company to implement an effective internal control environment to support and drive the business going forward.
“The findings of the forensic audit exercise are, therefore, a key input in, and complement, the ongoing turnaround strategy,” said the airline.

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