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Expecting her first child, Ricca, DJ Pierra Makena

Expecting her first child, Ricca, DJ Pierra Makena has proved she can still master street style. We love her elegant maternity streak. From colourful statement coats to feminine dresses, her enviable maternity style has been turning heads, writes Cheptoek Boyo

You’re a style setter. When you announced you were expecting, we couldn’t wait to see your take on pregnancy dressing.

My style has been easy, futuristic and comfortable. I try to keep my usual style of crop tops and also accommodate my tummy.

What are the major fashion changes you have had to made during the term?

Nothing drastic, just minimal adjustments here and there.

Favourite style?

I have become obsessed with flowing gowns, especially ones with a princess look.

Best pregnancy fashion advice?

To be myself and not be what everyone expects pregnant women to look like.

Worst pregnancy advice?

You’re eating for two. Eat bigger portions.

We love your effortless maternity looks. That aside, we miss your edgy fashion statements. After all, there is no arguing you are the queen of crops.

I love my pregnancy fashion. I’ll miss dressing my bun when Ricca comes. However, I miss rocking my crops, jeans and heels.

Talking about baby Ricca, what are some of the looks we can expect her to be rocking?

My daughter is going to be the most fashionable child, expect designer wears. I will make sure she has the best things in life.

What were some of your go-to jewellery pieces?

I have been anti-jewellery the entire term. My watch has been the only consistent thing. Rings haven’t had the best, so I’ve put them aside.

Go-to hairstyle?

Cornrows. I love them because I get to wear different styles of wigs. And the beauty about them is, when it gets too hot, I remove the wig and life continues.


Sandals and sport shoes.

Which body part do you accentuate while dressing?

My bun. At first, it wasn’t easy to style. When I got to eight months though, everything belly-highlighting worked.

What’s your work-out regime like?

First trimester was more of simple work-outs and trying to walk. The second, I increased my workout, but more moderate. And now on the third, I’ve been doing a lot of walking.

Advice to pregnant mothers?

Wear something comfortable. At some point, my body reacted to everything that wasn’t pure cotton. I changed my wardrobe. But that does not mean you underdress in the name of comfort. Always look good. Pregnancy is beautiful.

Parting words.

It was difficult when I realised I was pregnant, but later, I knew I can do it. I embraced it.

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