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Meet choreographer Arthur Chiluba

Sauti Sol’s acclaimed nationwide Live and Die in Afrika Tour pulled mammoths of crowd. And while it concluded, we cannot forget the #sautisol #liveanddieinafrikaexperience. Their sic moves left us weak in the knees. The talent behind them, dance choreographer Arthur Chiluba, speaks to Faith Chebet

You’re the dance choreographer behind Sauti Sol’s Live and Die in Afrika Tour and their danceable love ballad Unconditionally Bae, which boasts over two million views on YouTube. How did you come on board?

Celebrated video director, Enos Olik, whilst shooting the video, was tasked with the job of looking for a choreographer and dancers for the video. We’d done a couple of jobs together with other artistes. He was impressed with my work and the rest as they say is history.

How did you come up with the concept?

We were inspired by Justin Bieber’s Sorry music video. The New Zealand-based ReQuest Dance Crew was orgasmic. We decided to borrow a few moves from them.

How do you settle on a routine?

I tried as much as possible to incorporate local dance steps, which for a long time we haven’t appreciated. It was our way of selling our beautiful in it.

What was it like to film and choreograph the video?

It was a lot of work doing the initial choreography. However, it was exciting and undoubtedly, we knew it’d be a hit.

What would you say drives you?

The hunger for success in this field. Many thought it was a waste of time. I wanted to prove them wrong.

You started off as a member of the dance group DSI. Are you still with them?

DSI dance crew is me and I am DSI. My crew made me. I didn’t come all this way alone. They are part of my success.

Tell us about your music career.

I officially kicked of my singing career late last year. I was a bathroom singer for so long and I thought if I could combine music with dance, I’d be an all-round entertainer. It’s not easy balancing between my band and my crew, but then again, they are priorities so I have to make it work.

How would you say the reception has been so far?

Doing music, especially live music is not easy. That said, I love it. Whenever I perform, the audience, the energy from the fans is overwhelming. Not many artistes can sing and dance the way I do. That sets me apart. Challenges? There is little respect for dancers. The pay is not similar to international standards, where dancers live off their craft. Because of this, many cannot afford to have dance studios.

What projects should we expect from you?

I am doing a dance tour in Europe. I’ll have dance workshops in about 12 countries. I am also releasing my debut single soon, so watch out for that.

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