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Big Squared lunch at Lang’ata

After trying to keep up with healthy eating and menus, I resulted to cheat days, which I must say are glorious as I get to indulge in sinful cravings. Of course I have failed terribly on my detox plan, and Jane Mukami’s Instagram post are a constant reminder that I need to make changes.

But I really love good food and every time I think about having a green kale smoothie, I cave in. Have you seen the new joint in town though? Located along Lang’ata Road near Wilson Airport in Nairobi is Biq Square’s newest branch.

As I peeped through the tinted windows of the car, what catches the eye is transparent glassed walls and the bright lights. I expected it to be crowded considering it’s an exciting new joint but I guess it was because it was on a weekday.

The eatery is located in a small area, making its a bit hidden, but you can’t miss it because of its location at the Shell Petrol Station. Just like the one in Karen, there is a coffee shop with modern white chairs and plush orange cushions.

Inside the restaurant, low-sitting couches and handcrafted-wooden chairs welcome you into the main dining lounge. And a friendly team of waiters on standby. I couldn’t help but salivate at a customer’s burger.

It looked so juicy the patty beef was also generously mounted. The food comes in coloured plastic rectangle baskets – keeping with the theme of all things right-angled – lined with paper. My favourite had to be the crispy onion rings; so soft and also quite big compared to offers in other restaurants.

The natural flavours are also distinct and when you dip them in the array of sauces provided, it’s a climax of ultimate pleasure. So yummy! Considering it’s a fast food restaurant, their hand cut French fries were well cooked, with a natural taste. I opted for the ribs, which I must say I liked a lot.

I cannot stop thinking about them when hungry. Has food ever looked so good you are scared to spoil the view? Tender, delightful, sweet and tangy are the best words to describe these ribs.

Glazed with their secretly homemade barbeque sauce, the ribs prompt lip smacking even before you dive in. For spicy lovers, there are choices of chilli sauce. A single rack served with chips costs Sh850 while a double rack goes for Sh1,500. I must be honest and say I was not satisfied, but I hear they often have an all-you-can-eat special treat.

They are also famous for their burgers, which I will indulge in one of these few days. Also on the menu are chicken wings and fried chicken. I enjoyed their large thick vanilla milkshake, which was to die for.

It’s rare these days to come across thick milkshakes; usually you get them thin and watery. It also had the right amount of sugar – good for those with low tolerance for sugar. The restaurant also sells alcoholic beverages, so you can always wet your throat.

The perfect weekend plan would be dinner at Big Square, take a few sangrias then a drive down to the famous 1824 or Rafikiz for a night out. That way, you would be well fed and ready to paint the town red. Big Square is an awesome place for those cheat days, one of those places you leave with a smile on your face.

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