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Enshrine baby’s room with adorable curtains

A baby’s room is a paradise. It should be an adorable, warm, vibrant and colourful haven that effortlessly injects warmth and happiness. When looking to decorate a nursery windows, appealing curtain folds should preferably coordinate with the room theme. Curtains with patterns and lasting beautiful hue mixes are not only fairy-like to a child’s eye, but also relaxing.

If you want to entice your baby into sleeping longer, it helps to invest in blackout draperies. But above all, safety must be a priority with the following dos and don’ts; If possible, avoid floor length drapes that could pose suffocation and strangulation dangers in toddlers.

• Curtain boxes, rods, rail, blind casings should be properly installed to avoid accidents.

• Tension springs are a bad idea.They are they not screwed or nailed to the wall therefore could snap and fall on a toddler pulling on it and cause injuries.

• Childproof blinds must be placed to avoid strangulation risks for small children on elongated cords. A child should not be left unattended before ensuring the cords are safely tacked away.

• Situate safety devices such as window guards, stops and devices designed to restrict cord access.

• The cutie’s bed or play area should be far from the window to prevent overheating or cold.

• Curtains with beaded decorations or other adornments are a no as they present choking hazards were they to get lose and drop.

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