Fighting couple plunges to death in pit latrine

A man and his wife were yesterday morning found dead in an open pit latrine around Sunbeam area in Nairobi’s Kangemi slums.

The couple reportedly drowned in the latrine as the man chased the wife in a bid to beat her after a bitter domestic quarrel that had started the previous day.

Neighbours said Peter Makori, 27, and his wife Clarence Chepkurui, 24 had differed in their house before they argued and a bitter quarrel ensued.

A witness said the wife was escaping from her husband, who was in hot pursuit, and accidentally fell into the open latrine. Her husband slid and fell in, too after a tussle as he tried to save her from falling into the latrine. Both drowned and died on the spot.

The man was said to be a boda boda operator while the wife was a coffee vendor while the wife was a coffee vendor at the local market.

The couple is said to have engaged in an argument the previous evening after the man realised the wife had started courting another man. Nancy Ajaya, a neighbour said the coupled had quarreled earlier in the day and that Makori reported the matter to the area chief for arbitration.

The woman was said to have moved in with another man after separating from Makori.  Ajaya said the couple had had  numerous disagreements.

She said the couple had separated for a while, with each going their separate ways, when suddenly Makori returned after getting wind that Chepkurui had moved in with an unidentified man. She said the matter had been reported at Kabete Police Station after Makori found the said man with his wife and had them arrested.

It was not clear whether the couple has spent the night together but neighbours said that they had come from different directions early in the morning where they crossed paths on the way to their house where another quarrel ensued.

Suzanne Mweu, another neighbour, said she heard sudden screams at the crack of dawn as the two engaged in a fierce exchange of words. On venturing outside, she came across the two, with the man in hot pursuit. Suddenly they fell into the open latrine.

When she moved closer, the two had already been submerged with only the man’s forehead visible.

The woman had a son from a past relationship. By the time of going to press, neighbours were making frantic efforts to locate relatives

Police officers from Kabete arrived at the scene in the company of fire brigade personnel from the Nairobi city county government, who helped to retrieve the bodies.

Police said they were looking for the owner of the compound for questioning over the uncovered pit.

They bodies were removed to City Mortuary, awaiting post mortem.

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