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A software for property managers

Josephat Njui, director Resma Ltd, tells WAHINYA HENRY why a programme that simplifies work  for his family is in demand

Twenty-nine-year-old Josphat Njui plunged into his career by chance. It was a challenge from a relative who had invested in real estate industry that inspired him to pursue a course that would in the end find solutions to her problems while managing her properties.

“My family asked me why they had to do manual property management when a lot of their money went into paying huge school fees for me,” he says.

At that time, Njui was Computer Technology student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). For months, he strived to develop a one-stop software for agents and property owners.

His dream was to come up with solutions that would automate most of the activities in real estate management – from metered water management to rental property management. Real Estate Management (Resma) is an online system that allows real estate agents and landlords to efficiently manage their properties in real time.

The service is offered through Dyna Strategic Solutions Limited, says Njui, now a final year Masters degree student in Business Administration at the University of Nairobi.

“Our team of experts at Dyna has extensive experience in software development and have worked closely with property managers,” he says. Service Clients access the service through website, www.resma.co.ke. What is needed is a good Internet connection and a computer or smart phone.

“Agents and Landlords are able to send alerts and notifications to tenants when need arises. They are also able to view complains and suggestions from the various tenants — such as on security, electricity, or cleaning services— to which they can act on, them facilitating efficient delivery of service,” says Njui.

Once a client agent or landlord signs an annual contract with Resma, their current property management data is organised on a spreadsheet and automatically loaded on a newly created account that goes online,” says Njui.

A user of the service, Humphrey Nyakio, says he finds the platform simple to use, adding that that it makes rent collection and payments processing easier. “Tenants are able to make rent or utility payments using the Mpesa Pay Bill platform,” says Nyakio.

The system is also connected to the Equity Bank platform to further ease rent payment reconciliation and eliminate fraud that is created through tenants presenting fake deposit slips.

“It is easy to communicate with tenants and get feedback for management,” adds Nyakio. A year after the service was launched, Resma had several clients and has managed to process rent and utility payments transactions worth well over Sh40 million.

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