Archaic water plant leaves Thika residents thirsty

Thika’s water supply problems stem from overwhelmed infrastructure after a huge population of people working in Nairobi migrated into the town following the completion of Thika Superhighway.

Residents say they have been experiencing water shortages with various estates going without the commodity for days. Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) managing director Moses Kinya said their services have been stretched following an influx of population with no measures to upgrade exiting infrastructure.

He said the Thika water treatment plant was put up in the colonial period to serve a small settler population and has since not been expanded to match the growing population.

“Due to pressure to supply water, we directly pump what we produce as we don’t have any storage facilities, and when there is any breakdown of machines or electrical failure, our supply is greatly affected,” he said.

Kinya said they have made several proposals for funding to expand the water supply system and they are working with the national and county governments to ensure the project starts soon.

“We are also looking at options of utilising underground water which is of better quality and easier to treat than the most commonly used surface water,” he said. -KNA

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