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Celebrities say any publicity is good publicity

 Celebrities say any publicity is good publicity. However, we disagree. After all, fame is a double-edged sword. And sometimes, the murk outshines the star. Cheptoek Boyo puts the spotlight on some local celebrities whose messy bits have become the only thing relevant


The female rapper came in the entertainment scene last year with a controversial side show that is more conspicuous than her rap career. She is not new to pulling all kinds of stunts to make headlines.

From her lesbian antiques as suggested by raunchy photos with socialite Vanessa Chettle on Twitter, pictures of her ‘breastfeeding her man’ to the usual semi nude photos on her social media pages.


BBA contestant Jackson Makini, aka his rapcellency Prezzo is a jack of all troubles. Prezzo pulled one while guest anchoring with Betty Kyallo on national TV in January leaving viewers dumbstruck.

Don’t even get us started on his family and love-life drama.The rapper recently joined Nairobi Diaries becoming the first male socialite on the show.


The Mziki ni Dawa singer is undecided on whether he wants to be a politician, musician or businessman. Ringtone quit music to pursue entrepreneurship earlier this year. That was after his unsuccessful attempt at politics.

In an interview last week, the singer emphasised that he is a musician and not a politician or businessman. Prior to this, Ringtone had been caught in a web of scandals, a vivid one being called out by a former lover for allegedly asking her to terminate a pregnancy.


The gospel artiste takes the crown as king of the circus. Willy Paul has left people questioning whether he preaches water but drinks wine. Claims of abortion threats, music stealing, alcohol consumption and begging for nudes are just but a few discredits on his collar. He is a talented star, but treading a career damaging path.


She is definitely the queen of collaborations and quite a stirrer. The Djele Djele singer is known for unapologetically flaunting her money and luxurious lifestyle.

You will never miss Akothee on social media where she documents almost every move she makes. With countable club bangers under her belt, we anticipate the day we’ll nod more to her music prowess than braggadocio.


His successful comedian brother’s shadow haunts him moreso because they share a hustle and at times the stage. Fred’s funny side seemed to put him on the threshold but not for long.

His magic has fizzled out and is not as sensational as he was expected to be. When he wants to, he can however court a storm when it comes down to irrelevant spectacles, notable ones involving women.

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