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Footballers and their film star look alikes

There is a belief that each individual has at least four look alikes in the world. Here are the top 10 football stars who have look-alikes in the film industry. Some look like twin brothers and would easily deceive the eyes.

10.Olivier Giroud – Errol Flynn Arsenal centre-forward Olivier Giroud bears some facial resemblance to Hollywood star Errol Flynn, who is famous for his role as the Robinhood. The eye-brows and the brown eyes are some characteristics similar between the two.

9.Michael Ballack – Matt Damon Former Germany international Michael Ballack shares some familiarity with Hollywood movie star Matt Damon. The Ocean’s Eleven star’s bulky nose and brown eyes match very closely with the ex-Chelsea man.

8.Karim Benzema – Shia Labeouf The Real Madrid striker is like a doppelganger to the American actor Shia Labeouf when bald. Both have a near oval skull structure and also seemingly similar beard and moustache styles.

7.Thiago Silva – Ansel Elgort A heartthrob amongst the youth community across the globe, Ansel Elgort looks like a Maori warrior brother to his lookalike Thiago Silva. The PSG skipper may have a better pshysique than the 22-year-old, but facially, they’re ditto the same.

6.Daniel Carvajal – Dan Bilzerian Dan Bilzerian, one of the very popular persons on Instagram, is well-known for his roles in Lone Survivor, The Equalizer and Extraction, and is certainly a more muscular version of Real Madrid right-back Daniel Carvajal. What makes them look like brothers from another mother are their beards, which are starkly so similar.

5.Adam Copeland – Andy Caroll Adam Copeland, more commonly known as “The Edge” may have walked into the sunset some time ago, but still draws comparisons with Liverpool flop Andy Caroll. The duos long hair and a similar smile makes them a carbon copy of each other.

4.Joe Hart – James Van der Beek
The Manchester City custodian certainly has many fans across the globe, but he also has a look-alike in James Van der Beek.
The “Dawson’s Creek” star shares the similar thin eye-brows and hazel-coloured eye with the England international.

3.Matts Hummels – Orlando Bloom Former Borussia Dortmund skipper Matts Hummels may be in the new for his switch to arch-rivals Bayern Munich, but the German international also hogs some limelight in the glamorous world as he bears a resemblance to Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom.

2.Thomas Vermaelen – Jude Law The ever-injury prone Thomas Vermaelen may not have been on the pitch in the last two years as much as he’s been in the treatment, but does manage to walk into our humorous similarities between the football stars and the movie stars. The Belgium international is astonishingly an imitation of the English actor Jude Law.

1.Angel Di Maria – Dev Patel The PSG star may sport a different look now, but during his younger days, was a spitting image of the Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel. How much the Hollywood actor pursues football or follows it as a hobby is an unknown fact but the striking resemblance between them is something that has caught many people’s attention.

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