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Grand entrance but horrible performance: Akothee’s Luo fest mess

Wealthy controversial singer Akothee arrived in style at the just-concluded Luo Festival, which went down on Saturday at the Carnivore. The songstress created quite a buzz when she jetted into the fest with a chopper.

Fans were thrilled after the mega entrance and couldn’t wait for her performance, only to be disappointed. The Give It To Me singer put up a mediocre show and the crowd wasn’t hearing any of it.

The audience was dismayed and this was evident when the VVIP’s sought to chat instead of dancing along. Just last week, Akothee took to social media ordering guys to refrain from calling her partner a ‘sponsor’.

Here’s our two cents: Akothee should have curtain-raised and saved the main act for a better performer. Or better yet, stuck to lip syncing.

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