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Hollywood’s hotbed of safari

A few days back, pop icon Madonna was in the country on a charity mission. Several of her Hollywood counterparts have also visited 254 for the same cause; the likes of Jessica Simpson, Connie Nielsen, Akon and 50 Cent.  Yet, unlike these bleeding hearts, other A-listers have made Kenya their ultimate travel destination, giving the rest of the world a different view, writes Cheptoek Boyo

Prince William

Early this year, the crown prince came to Kenya for a holiday. He took a private trip to see some of the long-standing conservation and anti-poaching initiatives and while at it, attended his former flame’s, Jessica Craig’s wedding. However, this was not his first time in 254, as he proposed to the Duchess Kate Middleton, at Rutundu Log Cabin in Mount Kenya in 2010.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The American actor and actress toured Kenya back in 2005. And though the two made sure to keep their distance while promoting Mr & Mrs Smith in March 2005, and refused to comment on whether they were an item, they were spotted by paparazzi on vacation in April the same year with their son Maddox at Diani beach.

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