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Let’s chill out

Let’s chill out Each month, giant tech company Google holds a meeting of journalists dubbed Google Chill-out to update them on the changes in the fast-paced tech world. And last week, the lesson was that you do not necessary need be a VIP or spend a fortune hiring a human as a PA.

With an android or iOS, the Google App can double up as an intelligent personal assistant. It will get information on weather, set reminders and keep users up-to-date on the latest trends. It also tailors information based on users’ interests. This information is displayed in form of cards on your screen.

You can choose what kinds of cards you want to see, including places, sports, stocks, and TV & video. Whats more, the thing even takes voice instructions -without rolling eyes.

For example, you can instruct it to call someone, ask what time your meeting is, ask for voice directions. When you search for a movie, book, TV show, music artist, or video game on Google, it’ll remember—and give you information about it in Google App. – Kimathi Mutegi Gionee

P5W launches in Kenya

While it’s not new in other markets, the Gionee P5W was launched last week into the Kenyan market. The gadget boasts a 5 inch screen and is powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor and a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. For its price range the Android 5.1 lollipop mobileis an ideal gadget to have, especially for those with a knack for colour.

It goes for Sh7,200. The phone comes in five different colours and an inset application called chameleon that blends the colours of any photo taken to create a unique theme colour for the user interface. However, the phone may face a lot of competition specially at a time when other brands are also coming up with economy budget phones. – Sociable Bunny

Mobile banking solution for saccos

Intrasoft International, last week officially launched PROFITS, a banking solution in then East African market that improves the maintenance of data in the financial institutions. Although the solution was launched in Kenya on Tuesday, PROFITS is already being implemented at Mwalimu Commercial Bank in Tanzania and Centenary Rural Development Bank in Uganda.

The banking solution comes in a package and enables financial institutions carry out internet banking, agency banking, loans operations, mobile banking and business intelligence. Among the targeted users of PROFITS are micro-finance institutions, banks and Savings and Credit Cooperatives (Saccos). – Lilian Kaivilu

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