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Marketing property, the online way

Judy Muiruri is an entrepreneur and realtor working with a Re/Max brokerage firm. She tells Cynthia Mukanzi what her job entails

What is your job description as an independent realtor?

My job entails selling houses, renting, managing properties, advising clients about the real estate market and giving them insights into the property market.

You work with Re/Max, yet you are an independent agent?

Re/Max, doesn’t employ me; we work on commissions and not salaries, which is how the Re/Max system and protocol works worldwide.

So Re/Max is a global firm?

Re/Max is in 100 countries with a head office in Denver, Colorado, US. It is a mobile franchise, meaning somebody has to buy it in the US and bring it to a country like Kenya. After it was brought to Nairobi, brokers started buying the brand for their companies and it is under these brokers that we have realtors like myself. I am working at a Re/Max brokerage.

What is your business?

My focus is on the high-end market, both rental and sales, which involves commercial buildings and residential homes. But also I welcome the starters whenever they need someone to show them round the market.

How do you market yourself as a real estate agent?

Marketing myself comes with properties because it is through this that people get to know me and want to find out more about the business. So, I promote myself through listing platforms such as Lamudi and Property24. We also have a Re/Max website with our profiles, which are seen globally—visibility is beyond Kenya.

What is the hardest aspect of your job?

Everybody wants to sell in real estate; the lawyers, insurance companies, the guard, caretakers, site managers want your cut. These are people who are employed and earning a regular salary, but they want a cut from a realtor. Another challenge is trying to match a client and the property that they are looking for.

Many people do not understand the real estate market so they come in with a very skewed perception. So it is my duty to walk my client through it and make them understand the actuality and offer them better options.

Sometimes they are not open or ready to buy property or maybe they came in ready but they did not expect a budget strain. In that case they will have to go back and re-evaluate their move. There are those who check out buildings but go quiet later.

What is your real estate blog about?

It is a personal branding platform and a way to advertise myself. I haven’t seen an exclusively real estate blog here. People looking to venture into the market can get advice and information on it. My work is to sell and inform people, giving them tips.

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