Matsanga claims ICC boss corrupt

Controversial activist David Matsanga wants the president of the International Criminal Court Silvia Fernandez De Gurmendi to step aside for investigations over corruption claims. The chief executive of the England-based Pan African Forum Limited said on Friday he has provided Interpol with enough evidence linking Fernandez to the claims.

He claims to have information indicating on November 24, 2004, a leading US-based company (name withheld) received $250,000 (Sh25.3 million) from an NGO in the same country and later transferred to Fernandez’s account.

He argues that the transaction was questionable because “an ICC judge does not earn such amount per year”, and if it was salary, he added, it should not have come through an NGO.

Speaking during a press briefing at the Punchline Africa TV offices in Nairobi, Matsanga linked the payments to witness buying, claimed that most African cases at the ICC have had justice miscarriages due to doctoring of documents and payment of witnesses.

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