Safaricom’s information insufficient, argues LSK

The data provided by Safaricom in the murder probe of human rights lawyer Willie Kimani and two others was vague and incomplete, the High Court yesterday heard.

Law Society of Kenya lawyer Charles Kanjama told Justice Luka Kimaru the data was insufficient, adding that LSK had, on Friday, requested for information about Kimani, his client and a taxi driver from June 23 when they disappeared, to July 1, but only received information up to June 30.

He also said Safaricom did not march the numbers of callers and recipients with names of victims or suspects in the case. “There is no SMS data either and all forensic tools to tie suspects to the crime were not supplied.”

He asked the court to order Safaricom to provide comprehensive information, whose access, he said, is a constitutional right for the victims’ families.

However, the prosecution denied the data is insufficient, saying the claims would be substantiated after a complete police report on the killings. The court directed the parties to appear on Tuesday and advised Safaricom to provide all necessary data.

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